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Plastic Roofing Tiles👌

At Ecomateriales CR we are very excited because we recently strengthened our mission of helping our clients to create"The environment of their dreams" through the use of the most elegant and eco-friendly building solutions on the market, more than ever. In this occasion, we invested to introduce a whole new range of environmentally friendly plastic roofing tiles, in order to provide our customers with an innovative solution that will add beauty to the design of their projects, among many other great benefits.

In this article we will try to answer some of the most common questions that customers often have regarding these types of materials. At the same time, we will be providing important and relevant information so that you can learn more about these wonderful products. For easier reading, we invite you to follow the table of contents that appears below:

What are plastic roofing tiles?

Plastic roofing tiles are products similar to traditional clay roofing tiles which are used in roof building applications. Plastic roofing tiles are made from different types of polymers or plastics. In Costa Rica, plastic roofing tiles are also known as: plastic tiles,PVC tiles, plastic roofing tiles, recycled plastic roofing tiles or recycled plastic tiles.

What are the advantages of plastic roofing tiles?

Plastic roofing tile worldwide sales have been increasing since their invention; because these products offer great advantages and benefits over traditional clay roofing tiles, more and more people are relying on them to protect their homes.

On an aesthetic level, plastic roofing tiles are very similar in appearance to traditional clay roofing tiles; therefore, they are also considered to be classy and elegant materials, that will highlight the beauty of your project.

Another great advantage of plastic roofing tiles is that they are highly resistant. Plastic roofing tile manufacturers take advantage of the high-strength and durability provided by high-tech polymers to make very strong, long-lasting products. Therefore, from this perspective, plastic roofing tiles are incomparably superior to clay and other types roofing tiles. In addition, plastic roofing tiles have a much more advanced design that allows the tiles to be screwed on to the structure to withstand earthquakes, hurricane winds, hail, and even the passage of animals and people without breaking or damaging them.


On the other hand, plastic roofing tiles additionally have characteristics that decrease the flow of heat and noise generated by the impact of raindrops, which gives them excellent thermo-acoustic qualities. Plastic roofing tiles are also especially treated to resist damage caused by UV rays, they can maintain their color over time, they self-extinguish with exposure to fire and are self-washing with rainwater, so they do not require cleaning or require very low occasional maintenance.


In the plastic roofing tile industry, some brands have also developed very innovative designs which allow their products to overlap and hook very efficiently to each other to reduce or avoid problems of water leakage into the internal parts of the building. In some cases, it even avoids having to use other undercovers or waterproofing layers beneath the tiles.

Among other important features, plastic roofing tiles are much lighter and do not get heavier when they are wet, so they do not require such heavy or expensive support structures as traditional clay roofing tiles do.

What are eco-friendly plastic roofing tiles?

Among the various types of plastic roofing tiles that exist, are the recycled plastic roofing tiles. It is worth noting that in addition to having the benefits and advantages of normal plastic roofing tiles, these types of tiles also generate great benefits to the environment because they help to get rid of plastic garbage that would otherwise end up littering our streets, dumps, fields, rivers and oceans among other places.


ome people mistakenly tend to confuse recycled PVC roofing tiles with eco-friendly plastic roofing tiles; however, it is important to understand that PVC is considered a toxic product that is harmful to humans and the environment; therefore, although it is good that PVC waste is also recycled, these are not products that we can consider to be environmentally-friendly.

Truly "eco-friendly" plastic roofing tiles are produced from recycled plastic waste (HDPE), which does not cause any harm to the environment during its manufacturing process. This material is very versatile and allows the development of all types of roof tiles as well as their respective accessories.

What kind of plastic roofing tiles are there in the market?

There are various types and brands of plastic roofing tiles in the market. Some products feature individual shingles and others feature sheets or panels made up of multiple shingles laid together. There are some types of tiles that are also mixed with some types of sands to give the end product a sandy look. Today, there is a wide range of styles which also makes tiles useful in various different architectural designs

As mentioned above, it is worth emphasizing that one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a plastic roofing tile is that it has certain features in its design to prevent rainwater leakage. Do not forget that some types of plastic roofing tile do not require other covers to be underneath to prevent water leaks, while others do, which can save you time and money.

What types of projects can the plastic roofing tiles be applied in?

Nowadays, tiles continue to be more of a classic building element that provides great architectural distinction. Some brands of plastic roofing tiles have all kinds of accessories to complement their tiles, which makes them the perfect product for residential and commercial roofing, including: houses, apartments, offices, condominiums, stores, restaurants, shopping centers, etc.

What is the price of a plastic roofing tile?

Currently, there are many different suppliers, brands, types and qualities of plastic roofing tiles, therefore prices can vary greatly between the many options.

At Ecomateriales CR, we have added the largest variety of ecological plastic roofing tile brands, types, styles and roofing systems to provide a greater variety of options to our customers.

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How to make a roof with plastic roofing tiles?

If you want to build a roof with plastic roofing tiles, there are some important points to consider:

  • What type of roofing tiles do we want to use in the project?
  • Who is going to install the roof tiles?
  • Do the material and installation cost match the available budget for the project?
  • It is important and very strongly recommended that the person installing the tiles has the appropriate knowledge and experience for the task. It is also recommended to seek good advice from an expert because each product may have specific characteristics and details that must be well known during the installation process.

 How are plastic roofing tiles made?

Plastic roofing tiles are manufactured with 100% virgin polymers through an injection and molding process.

Recycled plastic roofing tiles use different waste plastic products through a thermofusion and molding process. The recycled material is crushed and then subjected to heat, while it is pressed directly in the mold.

 How big is a plastic roof tile?

As indicated previously, there are currently many different suppliers, brands, types and qualities of plastic roofing tiles in the market; therefore, there is no specific measure defined for a plastic roof tile. If you want to know more about the different measures and options, we recommend you contact our specialists at Ecomateriales CR so that we can gladly assist you with any questions and help you require for your project.

Why is it important to buy high-quality plastic roofing tiles?

Just as with any other product or material, plastic roofing tiles can be produced in different levels of quality. The manufacturing process of plastic roofing tiles uses high technology, knowledge and requires high quality raw materials.

As in any other industry, it is strongly recommended to seek for a serious and reputable supplier to ensure that the production process for your product is properly controlled and guaranteed.

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What kind of warranties do plastic roofing tile manufacturers provide?

Plastic roofing tiles can have excellent warranties. Normally, the warranty ranges of a very good quality plastic tile is between 20 and 30 years, although it is estimated that the useful life can be much longer than 50 years

Ecomateriales CR increases its commitment to the environment and to its customers

Currently, and after having existed for thousands of years, tile roofs continue to be widely used and are of great importance in the building sector because they offer its great beauty and tradition. With this in mind, Ecomateriales CR has decided to invest to offer its customers a wide variety of eco-friendly plastic roofing tile options to choose from, considering them to be the best roofing alternative among all the types of tiles existing in the market.

For Ecomateriales CR, the commercialization of eco-friendly plastic roofing tiles also becomes another solid step in our fight for the widespread use of the best sustainable materials in the building sector. Our goal is clear and simple. We want to leave our children a cleaner and much better future.


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