About us

About our company

Ecomateriales CR is a leading company in Central America that imports and comercializes a series of product lines made from recycled materials used to the building and hotel sectors. We provide innovative and high quality solutions, which are designed and produced to help the environment and to meet the needs of our customers.

Misión de Ecomateriales CR


Our mission is to help our clients to create "The environment of their dreams" by using the most elegant and eco-friendly building solutions in the market.

Misión Ecomateriales CR


Our vision is to keep our leadership in the commercialization of elegant and eco-friendly products at a regional level, offering the highest quality to the building and hotel sectors.

Our main three values

Customer Obsession

Our main priority is our customers. We work hard so that the experience of creating "The environment of your dreams" and acquiring the best eco-friendly products is as pleasant as possible for you.

To achieve this, we continually listen carefully to your needs, and work hard internally and with our vendors to continually improve and personalize your experience.

Our goal is to provide you with a perfect experience!

Being fair and honest

At Ecomateriales, we value and respect everything that surrounds us (the environment, our company, our workers, suppliers and customers). For this reason, in each of our actions, all of our workers ensure that all the parties involved get treated fairly, honestly and properly..

Before making any important decision, we first always ask ourselves: “What is the most beneficial thing to do for all the parties involved?”. The answer to this question always leads us to make the right decision.

We love what we do.

We seek that all of our team members like what they do so that they can carry out all of their functions with love and excellence.
The happiness and satisfaction of our customers and the well-being of our planet makes us very happy and is part of our DNA!

Filosofía Ecomateriales CR


If you feel that your ideals resonate with ours and with those of the thousands of clients who are already living our high lifestyle in harmony with the environment; then you will find that our products and services are just what you have been looking for!