Hacer el deck uno mismo

Decking: Do it yourself or leave it to an expert?🤔

Decking: Do it yourself or leave it to an expert?

Building our own decking projects or hiring someone to do this work can be one of the most critical and important decisions we make.

There are many suppliers of decking materials that believe that the average person is capable of building their own deck. However, at Ecomateriales CR we are convinced that this task is not as simple as it might seem.

No matter how small a project may be, in order to successfully build a great decking environment, it is important to have a basic level of knowledge, experience and skills in the areas of design and construction; and without a doubt, not having these skills can lead to a total failure.

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⚠️The most common mistake....

"I better save the labor costs and do it myself" 

Often, many of us like to venture to do our own home improvement projects because perhaps we have been inspired by a television program or because we have the idea that hiring a professional will be much more expensive than if we do the project ourselves

Unfortunately, the reality is that the vast majority of people do not have the appropriate knowledge and skills to do this type of project.

Having a decade of experience in the deck building market, at Ecomateriales CR we have worked with a large number of clients who start their project as amateurs.

Unfortunately, all of these clients always start their works with a lot of confidence believing that they have enough knowledge to do the project by themselves, and just a few days after the work starts, they ask for our help because they realize that they are in big trouble and that everything has gotten out of their hands.

For this reason, today, we present a series of key points that will help you to determine if you really have the skills required to build your own project, before you find yourself in trouble.

Our primary interest is to help you take care of your investment and to ensure that you end up having a top notch decking space.

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🤔Should I build my own deck or should I hire a specialist?

 How to make the right decision?

When you really want everything to go well on a decking project, the first thing you should do is to start by being realistic and honest with yourself in determining whether or not you really have the skills required to build your project.

Main areas of knowledge:

There are 6 main areas of knowledge required to build a decking environment; these are: architecture, engineering, construction, plumbing, electricity and carpentry.

It is important to determine whether or not you have the proper knowledge before deciding to build your deck. Below we have prepared a series of questions that will help you to determine on a sound basis if you have the required knowledge:

  • Do I know about methodologies or processes of architectural design?
  • Am I going to place my deck on terrain with questionable conditions such as: sand, water, mud, or unstable ground?
  • Do I know how to determine if the ground will be able to support my deck structure?
  • Do I know what actions I should take to stabilize my structure depending on the type of terrain it has?
  • Am I going to build a high deck or one with multiple levels in a way that it will require me to have special knowledge in structural engineering?
  • Do I know how to build a steel frame accurately?
  • Do I know what the structural requirements will be to support my deck?
  • Am I complying with local building codes and required safety standards?
  • Do I require special building permits in the locality where I want to build my deck?
  • Do I require building plans to be stamped by an engineer to apply for building permits and to cover myself in case of any civil or criminal liability in the event of an accident on the terrace?
  • Do I know how to properly align a deck?
  • Have I ever taken a class or done a major “woodworking” project?
  • Do I know what a circular saw is?
  • Have I ever worked with a circular saw and other power tools used for building?
  • Do I already have these tools or will I need to buy them?
  • Do I have experience working with concrete?
  • Can I carry out plumbing or electrical projects?
  • Do I understand the proper techniques for separating and fastening a plastic wood deck?

Making the decision👍

If I can do it:

If after asking yourself the above questions you still feel that you have enough knowledge and skills to design and build your deck; we recommend requesting additional resources such as instructions, guidelines and additional recommendations from your supplier, in order to ensure that you are properly following the appropriate guidelines established by the manufacturer of your decking materials.

This will help ensure that the products and materials used function properly so that you maintain the warranty and protection of your investment in the event that you have unexpected problems or damages in your deck.

I will need help:

If, upon reading the questions, you were left with doubts about your skills or knowledge, we recommend that you better seek professional help for the planning and execution of your work.

The most important thing to understand before starting the work is to hire a professional instead of trying to do the project yourself; is that it can save you from having many problems that could end up being very expensive. Remember this rule: "Cheap things can end up costing you a lot!"...

Any mistake that you make due to a lack of knowledge will be much more expensive to repair or solve than if you pay a fair price to a professional to do things from the start. Play it safe and protect your investment.


😍 Problems that will be avoided by hiring a specialist:

Below are some of the main problems you can avoid if you don't have much knowledge about building and decide to hire a specialist to help you to do your decking project:

  • Having to uninstall poorly installed materials (Generates additional labor costs).
  • Having to reacquire some materials that can be damaged when installed or removed (Additional cost of materials).
  • Having to buy new materials (A specialist can make sure that you buy the proper materials from the start).
  • Having to rework the bases or foundations of your structure (Additional labor expenses).
  • Having to solve some aspects that have not been contemplated and that will be necessary in the future. (Additional cost for modifications to the structure).
  • Having to install the materials that have been improperly installed again (Again another additional labor cost), etc.

In summary, do not forget that building the decking space of your dreams will require a high level of knowledge in the areas of architecture, engineering, construction, carpentry and others. Make sure that whoever is going to design and build your project has extensive experience to avoid problems and unnecessary additional costs.

Finally, do not forget the rule that "cheap things can end up costing a lot", so if you do not know, it is better to play it safe and protect your investment well..

We wish you much success in the development of your project, and above all, we hope that you enjoy your deck that you and your family so much deserve!