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Main physical and mechanical properties of the product


For projects under 60m², we offer exclusive Terracotta and Veined tiles.
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Technical Information

Tests carried out on the product


One of the main advantages of the proteja recycled plastic tile system is the savings in installation.

Because it is a lightweight tile roof, it requires fewer structures and layers of material, and its design and technology allow a much faster and safer installation saving also significant labor costs.

For warranty purposes, the installation can only be carried out or supervised by a professional certified by proteja.

Neither Kindwood de CR, SA (Ecomateriales CR) nor proteja assume responsibility for misuse of the product, incorrect handling of it or using materials other than the complementary ones suggested to the client.

Kindwood de CR, SA (Ecomateriales CR) has certified crews on the installation of the proteja tiles.

The installation service has a one year warranty, in writing.

Please remember to dispose of all plastic waste from the tiles and accessories into a plastic recycling container.

* Our tiles are made of 100% recycled plastic, they are recyclable and do not contain toxic or dangerous materials for the environment.









The 1st rafter is placed with a 40cm gap from the 2nd rafter (from center to center). From there on, the rest continue leaving a 45cm gap in between them.

The first two rafters are placed leaving only a 40cm gap from each other so that the first row of tiles will allow rainwater to fall directly into the gutter.


Our tiles can be installed over 3 types of rafters or structure:


Clavadores de tejas



To avoid leaks, at the peak points where 3 or more roof surfaces meet or begin, 3 or 4 way ridges must be used.

These pieces must be screwed directly over the ridge tiles.

4 way ridge:

Is attached by using 8 screws, placing 2 at each end of the 4 way ridge.

(See details A)

3 way ridge:

Is attached by using 6 screws, placing 2 at each end of the 3 way ridge.

(See details B)

* A 5cm overlap must be used in between the 3 or 4 way ridge and the ridge tile beneath it).

** The 3 and 4 way ridges are screwed to the ridge tiles with 1 ½” fine point screws.


The Lateral tile piece or flashing is an accessory used to prevent rainwater from getting inside. This accessory also helps prevent paint on the walls from being damaged.

The lateral tile piece must be fixed to the rafter with 3 screws (One at each end and another in the center of the piece).

The lateral tile piece must be placed in the same space as the roof panel tile, but the roofpanel tile must go on the top to avoid leaks.

Screws to be used with the lateral tile piece or flashing:

  • If the rafter is made of wood or furring, 1-inch fine point screws should be used.
  • If the rafter is made of metal, 1-inch self-drilling screws should be used.

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