Ceramic or Porcelain Decking:

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We offer a wide variety of ceramic or porcelain tiles with a wooden look to build your decking space at a lower cost.

Images are used for illustrative purposes only. Ask our representative to see what options are available at that specific time.


Technical Information

Electrical Properties of ceramic materials

Electrical insulation: In general ceramic tiles do not conduce electricity.

  • Advanced ceramic tiles generally block electricity.
  • However, some semiconductor ceramics exist that can conduce electricity according to its temperature and voltage level applied.
    pueden conducir electricidad.

Physical Properties of ceramic tiles

  • HardnessThe main characteristic of advanced ceramic tiles is its hardness.
  • RigidityThe high rigidity of ceramic tiles and its lack of flexibility keep the pieces from deformations.
  • Impact Resistance: Ceramics tiles have low impact resistance. It is important to handle these products with care during the process of installation to avoid cracks or damages.

Chemical properties of ceramic tiles

  • In general, advanced ceramic tiles have a high level of chemical stability.
  • These materials are highly resistant to many corrosive agents such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and sodium hydroxide among others.

Thermal properties of ceramic tiles

  • Heat resistance: Ceramic tiles are known for their ability to withstand high temperatures.
  • Thermal Expansion: When materials are heated, their size and volume increase, (a phenomenon known as thermal expansion). Ceramic tiles have a low coefficient of thermal expansion compared to other products.
  • Thermal Conductivity: The heat transmitted through a material is defined as the thermal conductivity. Most ceramic tiles have low thermal conductivities due to their strong ionic-covalent bonds; and they are good thermal insulators.


We provide construction and installation services to make or repair concrete slabs and to install ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Talk to our experts and we can gladly visit you and help you to make your project a real success.


To give proper maintenance to your ceramic or porcelain deck: