Ventajas de construir con madera plástica

7 advantages of building with plastic lumber­čĹî

7 advantages of building with plastic lumber

Are you thinking about using plastic lumber or building a decking space to enjoy with your loved ones? WPC is considered to be the latest technology in wood and will undoubtedly be the best solution to build and decorate your interior and exterior environments that have a wood finish.

For this reason, today, we will talk about the 7 most important advantages of using plastic lumber or wood plastic over natural wood. Below, you will clearly find out why plastic lumber is the best choice for your project:

Avoids cutting trees down and reduces plastic waste.

At Ecomateriales, our plastic wood is eco-friendly because it is made up of mostly recycled bamboo fibers (a kind of grass) and recycled plastic (bags, bottles, etc.) from waste products. These characteristics make it possible to reduce the environmental impact caused by cutting trees down to use wood in the building industry; and in addition, helps to improve the environment by collecting and using recycled plastic garbage from cities, rivers, dumps and our oceans.

Our products are a factor that can help you obtain LEED sustainability certification for your project, but beyond that, they will give you the satisfaction of knowing that your space had a reduced environmental impact and that your investment served to recycle a significant amount of plastic garbage.

Provides a natural finish while giving you the benefits of high technology and plastics.

At Ecomateriales, our plastic wood gives you the elegant and warm finishes of natural wood, without causing damages to the environment, without high maintenance costs, and without the problems and weaknesses that natural wood materials have when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

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It is highly resistant and durable.

One of the biggest advantages of using WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) products or plastic wood provided by Ecomateriales in your project, is its strong resistance to weathering. Mainly in outdoor environments, there are factors such as insects, rain, humidity, excessive heat from the sun and the incidence of its UV rays, and other climatic agents, in which your decking space will be exposed to big changes in temperature and extreme conditions that will accelerate the deterioration of all construction materials.

In the case of natural wood, exposure to these factors causes visible damage very quickly, such as: discoloration, rotting, cracks and chips; and also allows insects to eat and destroy the material.

To try to give natural wood greater durability and life, you will have to make an annual investment in maintenance, which may include doing things such as: sanding, re-staining the wood, applying oils or chemicals to prevent pests and insect attacks and gives greater resistance against UV rays and to protect the wood against water and humidity.

But with the plastic wood sold by Ecomateriales, you can avoid all those costs and wasted time required to maintaining your space for many years; since our materials are: highly resistant to changes in temperature, water or humidity, UV rays, fungi and insects.

Our products do not change color like wood (for example: it can go from a brown color to a gray color), they do not rot, they do not crack, or contain splinters, etc.

The plastic lumber sold by Ecomateriales is an economically intelligent investment.

When buying materials for your project, you will notice that there is a very big range of pricing between the different types of wood products available in the market. Some types of natural wood are cheaper while others are more expensive than plastic lumber.

In any case, the most important factor when making your decision is to understand that natural wood will have additional significant maintenance costs every year after it's been installed, which is something that will not happen with plastic wood.

If you do not give maintenance to your natural wood properly, your space will be in bad conditions and will begin to deteriorate very quickly.

Coincidentally, it is the sum of these additional maintenance costs that will be of great relevance over time; since it will make plastic wood, without a doubt, the most economical and intelligent option for your project.

In addition, it is important to remember at Ecomateriales our plastic lumber will allow you to build and enjoy the perfect environment in your decking space for many more years, while others will waste much more of your time and money for doing maintenance

It provides more safety to its users.

In a project, there are risk factors that are worth considering which are related to the use of natural wood. Among the most frequent problems are those caused by: fire, exposed screws, damaged boards due to rotting, and accidents suffered by some users with splinters, walking barefooted or holding on to railings.

Plastic wood has additives that prevent the spread of fire, which is of great importance especially in the use of plastic wood for siding applications. Furthermore, WPC does not rot, crack, or contain splinters; which, provides much more safety to all the users including adults, youth, children and pets.

It is easy to clean and 100% washable.

Regularly washing your decking space, facades, railings or other products with soap and water will allow you to keep your space in perfect conditions and radiant over the years.

It has excellent warantees.

At Ecomateriales, the high quality, strength, and durability of our products allows us to provide warranties of up to 25 years for some of our decking lines and some other plastic wood products for residential use. In many cases, we outperform other similar products on the market that may also look good but that have a much lower quality and are much less durable by more than doubling or tripling their warranty periods.