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ECO-RAILING - 5 reasons why you should use it in your terrace 👍

5 reasons why ECO-RAILING is the best railing option for your terrace

How important is it to analyze the type of railing to use during the planning stage of your DECKING project?

Most people do lots of research when preparing to build the deck of their dreams. During the process, people tend to focus on learning about the different materials and decking systems available and look at and analyze photos of deck designs to come up with an idea of ​​what they want to do in their own space.

When people have decided what to do and the type of materials they want to use, they usually make their decision and proceed with the purchase and construction of their project. But there is an important step that many tend to forget during this planning process which is to choose the type of railing that they will use for their decking space.

It is very common to see terraces without railings. However, of course that is only the case when the terraces are built at ground level. There are also a large number of terraces built at ground level that have a railing system; however, in these cases, they are installed only as decorative elements.

High decks do require the use of railings to provide safety to project users.

Today we would like to discuss 5 reasons that will help you understand why the “ECO-RAILING” line of railings at Ecomateriales is the best option and the perfect complement to give beauty and safety to your project:

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The ECO-RAILING is smartly designed:

Our railings are specifically designed by experienced decking architects and engineers, ensuring that the beauty and good performance of your railing will last a long time. In addition, although ECO-RAILING is the perfect complement to our ECO-DECK line, our railings can also be perfectly complemented with other available decking or terrace materials.

Railing Eco Materiales
Eco-friendly Railing


The ECO-RAILING is durable and highly resistant

We use top quality WPC (Wood Plastic Composite or plastic wood) to build our railing systems. For you, this means that you will have a highly resistant and durable product against outdoor weather conditions and insects.

The ECO-RAILING is a low maintenance railing system

Traditional railing materials made from wood, need frequent maintenance to keep them looking good and sturdy. This is not the case with the ECO-RAILING.

Our system uses galvanized steel structures that guarantee better behavior and durability and reduce corrosion in humid or salty environments. In addition, our systems are covered with eco-friendly plastic wood (WPC) which does not crack, does not contain splinters, does not deform, nor does it require maintenance like traditional wood.

It is worth remembering that traditional wood will require continuous maintenance where the railing must be sanded, treated against insects or moisture, painted, etc. Meanwhile, with your ECO-RAILING you will only need to clean the railings every now and then as required with a water hose.


Eco Railing es de bajo mantenimiento
Railing Maintenance


The ECO-RAILING is an ecological product

At Ecomateriales, our "ECO-RAILING" railing systems are made from a mixture of recycled plastic and wood dust, also recycled and also from renewable sources.

This means that we prevent the cutting of trees and forests and that we help clean the environment of plastic garbage. In addition, our ECO-RAILING does not require aggressive chemical products for cleaning or maintenance.

Therefore, with Ecomateriales, you will be sure and proud to know that your project was done in a socially responsible way and in harmony with the environment!

barandas ecológicas
Recycled Plastic Railing


The ECO-RAILING is an economically smart choice

Our railings are affordable and even more so when you consider the savings they generate over time compared to other railings. Often the initial price of our products is similar to other options; however, because the wooden part is maintenance-free and because of their strength and durability in outdoor conditions, they won't require the expense of maintenance, rework, or replacement like other railing options available for outdoor environments.

Therefore, over time, our railings are much cheaper.

There is no doubt that there are many railing options on the market to compliment your decking space.

However, it will be difficult to find another option that offers the beauty, benefits and features that the ECO-RAILING offers. Also, with 10 years of experience; the name, and the reputation of Ecomateriales, are the warranty seal and support that anyone wishes to have for their project.

With our products you will be proud and happy to have the decking space of your dreams that you so much deserve; and instead of spending your valuable time, money and effort on maintaining your deck, you can dedicate 100% of your time to enjoying yourself with your family and friends.