Cómo hacer decks de manera profesional

4 tips to know how to choose your specialist🧠

4 tips to know how to choose your specialist

Building a top-notch deck is not an easy task to accomplish. A good decking environment requires knowledge, experience and skills in areas such as architecture, engineering, construction, plumbing, electricity and carpentry.

The vast majority of people do not have these types of knowledge or skills; however, this often does not stop many from trying to save a little money by designing and building their own project.

In most cases, when this happens, unfortunately this results in not such great projects; which in addition, tend to become a real headache and turn out to be much more expensive than if it had been done by a specialist.

That is why, nowadays, most people understand the importance and benefits obtained by hiring specialists to build their projects.

However, one of the difficulties that still exists due to the high number of companies in the market, is knowing how to choose the right person or company in order to get the best service at a fair price. THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS KNOWING HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR SPECIALISTS…

With this in mind, we have prepared a list of 4 recommendations below, which will help you know how to choose the best specialist to design and build the perfect environment for your deck space.

How to choose the best specialist to build your decking space?

Do your research before choosing a company.

Choose a company that is seriously dedicated to the activity you are looking for. Make sure they have an office or warehouse, a website, social networks, a variety of products and services and, above all, are their executives highly qualified and helpful.

Visit the company

If possible, it is good to personally visit the company's office or warehouse. This will give you the certainty that you are dealing with a serious, solid and well-backed company so that you do not choose a "garage" sale company, which could disappear from the market at any time along with its warranty.

Choose to work with specialists.

Carefully analyze the level of technical knowledge and advice provided by the advisors who serve you.

Generally, if the advisors know the subject and the products in depth, this is a sign that the company has taken the time to train its employees in a professional way.

This may be a good indication that the company is also serious in other aspects and that it will be in a good position to properly develop your project.

Especialistas en ambientes de decks
Ecomateriale CR, Decking specialists

Meet your advisor in person

It is recommended that you meet your advisor in person. This will help ensure that you are dealing with a serious, mature, and professional person. In addition, it will give you the certainty that it will be someone with whom you can work and agree things easily.


If you want to use WPC

 Remember that while WPC products have the appearance of traditional wood, they are also installed very differently than traditional wood. It is important that you follow closely the recommendations of the manufacturers and specialists to prevent your terrace from suffering any types of damage within a few months or years after the material has been installed.

WPC has many advantages over traditional wood; but remember that it will be critical that you seek the proper advice from experienced companies before installing the material.

Deal with technical advisors instead of salespeople. Technical consultants (usually architects or civil engineers) are better trained and prepared to handle a project of this magnitude.

Working with professionals will also ensure that people are really focused on the needs of your project, unlike a traditional seller who could simply focus on offering you the most expensive products in their catalog to earn higher commissions.

Confirm that the company has good experience (in the activity)

There are many companies in the market, but not all of them have the experience and knowledge required to create a great decking environment. In particular, care must be taken, as there are many new materials such as WPC nowadays that have installation specifications that require a lot of technical knowledge and care when being applied.

Be aware that the market has many large companies that have a very good reputation with some products, but that have very little experience in some of their newer product lines. Remember that even if a company is serious and backs you up properly, this could still lead you to unnecessary inconveniences if they are not very experienced in a particular product.

Never agree to be anyone's "Guinea pig" no matter how good their reputation is with other products,choose a company that alreay has a good experience in doing the things you are looking for... It's better to play it safe!

If you are going to install a WPC decking product, look for a company that is 100% specialized and focused on these types of products. Similarly, make sure that the company has many years of experience doing projects like the one you are wanting to develop.

Know how to distinguish specialized companies

Generally, specialized companies can be distinguished from the others because they can provide us with the full range of products and services that we are looking for.

Regarding the products

For example, a company specialized in WPC would specialize in the import, distribution and marketing of various types and product lines and different brands made from WPC. Not just one product.

Regarding the services

In the same way, a company specialized in WPC would offer you a full range of services including: Design planning and consulting for your project, drafting of plans, renderings, fitting plan for the materials, construction services, installation advice or installation services of the materials and the “cleaning” or maintenance service for your decking.

By now, if you've read our previous blog entries, you should already know the basics about the benefits that a great decking space can bring to you and your family. In addition, you should already understand the importance of working with professionals, and you should be fully prepared to be able to choose the right company well to help you build your project.

You can be sure that all this information will be very useful when deciding to build your project. Follow the recommendations and you will see that soon you can be happy enjoying the space that you have always dreamed of and very well deserve.